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This time of year we see alot of people who are sick with colds, the flu, and other various maladies.  Most people feel that just being exposed to a sick person will get you sick, but did you ever wonder why 5 people living in the same house,  breathing the same air, don’t all get sick when one person does?  Obviously the people who didn’t get sick have a stronger resistance than the sick person.  So the question becomes how do we boost our immune system and strengthen our resistance?

Look, we are always exposed to bacteria and viruses, constantly.  So if you want to be the person who doesn’t get sick when everyone else is, you have to understand what controls the immune system.  Our nervous system (housed in the spine) is the “Master Control” system in our bodies—it controls everything, every function including immune function (page 4 Grays Anatomy).

Whenever you have vertebrae putting pressure on the nerves in our body, you interfere with the nerve function.  Just the weight of a dime on your nerves can decrease function by 60%.  If the nerves controlling your immune system are only working at 40%, do you think you immune system can be as effective at fighting off bacteria or virus?  No way.  When you get adjusted and remove the interference to the nervous system, you improve the communication of the nerves controlling your body’s defense mechanisms.  Its literally like getting a little dose of good health!

Eat right, exercise, get rest, and manage stress.  Do all these things but don’t neglect the most important system effecting your immune function.  Get adjusted and let your body do the rest.  If you have any questions, give us a call and we will be glad to answer your questions.


Dr. Brooks

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