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Benefits of Digital X-Rays for Chiropractic Care

X-rays can be considered one of the greatest innovations in modern medicine. They allow doctors to see inside of a patient’s body without having to perform any kind of exploratory surgery.

Digital x-rays can be considered the next step forward. They present numerous advantages for patients, many of which contribute towards a faster diagnosis, less exposure to radiation and, above all else, a more successful treatment.

Uncovering Hidden Issues

Traditional x-rays have one major drawback: they take one image at a time. These images require a magnifying glass to see less visible problems, which means that small but important issues can be easily missed.

Digital x-rays allow for a far greater degree of vision. Your chiropractor can use this to zoom in, rotate images and take advantage of the higher resolution digital x-rays provide to more accurately diagnose any conditions.

While this is important for treating major issues, it is even more important for preventing potential issues. This can mean the difference between simply reducing the swelling of a disc and treating a lifelong condition that could impair your mobility.

Quicker Diagnoses

Digital x-rays do not need to rely upon arbitrary materials, nor do the images need to cure. The process only requires the x-rays to be captured. Everything else is done digitally.

When something is off with your x-rays due to a positioning issue or your own movement, taking another digital x-ray is simple. The results are instant, so the x-ray technician does not have to wait to retake your x-rays.

This results in a faster diagnosis, presenting an opportunity for an accurate treatment plan to be developed while you spend less time sitting and waiting.

Less Exposure to Radiation

The amount of radiation x-rays use is minimal. Each one introduces about six days’ worth of background radiation into your system, which is incredibly small.

Digital x-rays use even less radiation that traditional x-rays. Some estimates state that they use around 80-percent less radiation that traditional x-rays.

This results in less radiation exposure, which is always a benefit as a patient. This minimizes your risk of developing diseases such as cancer if you routinely have multiple x-rays taken while visiting your chiropractor.

Digital X-Rays Improve Your Chiropractor Visits

Since digital x-rays offer the potential for a more accurate diagnosis, less time waiting, and less radiation emitted into your body, you should look for a chiropractor who provides digital x-rays. At Franks Chiropractic Center, we proudly offer digital x-rays. Our top priority is providing patients with the highest quality care. Call today for more information.

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