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Franks Chiropractic Life Center has been serving Cobb County for over 20 years. Founded by Dr. Richard Franks in 1981, Franks Chiropractic has been a leader in providing Chiropractic Health and Wellness care to the Atlanta area. What makes our office different? What makes us unique? Come by our office and you will feel the difference immediately. We take pride in our unique and healing atmosphere-it is like no other! From the Chiropractic assistants to our doctors and even the patients, you will be treated right from the minute you walk in to the minute you leave. What we are about is that spirit our patients say they can feel when they come to see us. It’s about putting a smile on a child’s face when they don’t feel well. It’s words of encouragement to a senior citizen who is tired of drugs and surgery. It’s about caring. Nobody cares for our patients more than we do. It’s also about honesty, integrity, and doing what’s in the patient’s best interest every time. That is what we stand for. We practice with the understanding that the human body is a self-healing organism. We also understand that the nervous system that is housed in your spine runs and controls every cell, tissue, and organ in your body. Every system in your body (immune, digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, etc.) is under the control of your nervous system. Therefore, when your nerves are interfered with, your body cannot function at 100%. Things like pain, numbness, tingling, or other symptoms are your body telling you something is not working right. Our doctors are trained to locate and remove any interference to your nervous system. Better health and wellness is the result. If this is new to you, that’s OK. We will take whatever time necessary to help you understand proper body function. Chiropractic has been around for over 110 years because it works. Science is proving what we do every day. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, call us-we want to help you!  
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