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Car Accident
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A single moment or a second of time is all it takes for a car accident to cause injuries to your musculoskeletal system. An auto accident injury leaves pain throughout certain areas of your body and it contributes to long-term health concerns. Whether you develop back pain or neck pain, you want to work with a Smyrna chiropractor to recover and heal after an accident.

Common Injuries from Auto Accidents
Although a seatbelt and airbag in your car help reduce the risk of death and severe injuries, you still face discomfort and pain when an accident occurs. Even slow-moving vehicles can cause injuries like whiplash or general back pain because your body suddenly stops and the momentum causes you to snap forward and then back into your seat.

Common Injuries Associated with a Car Accident Include:

Scrapes, bruises and cuts on your skin
Pulled muscles in the legs, arm or back
Back pain and injuries to your back
Broken bones, particularly broken legs in a serious accident
While certain injuries are obvious immediately after the accident, you do not always notice back pain or whiplash for a few hours. In some cases, the symptoms do not develop for 24 hours after the accident. Even if the injuries seem mild and the pain in your back or neck does not seem serious, you want to seek treatment for the injury to encourage healing and recovery.

Treating Injuries with Chiropractic Care
Chiropractic care refers to the use of natural solutions and spinal realignment to encourage healing and mobility while your body heals. While back and neck pain can stem from strained or sprained muscles, it can also stem from herniated discs or misalignment in your spine and neck.

At Franks Chiropractic Center, we offer gentle Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, and Massage therapy to help with the healing process. We make sure that you have the appropriate tools to heal based on the severity of your injuries and the type of injuries you sustain in the accident.

Long-Term Recovery
Long-term recovery from a car accident starts with making positive changes to your situation and obtaining appropriate treatment. At our clinic, we help with the healing process by using appropriate tools to reduce pain and improve mobility. We also educate each individual about ways he or she can heal over time with a combination of appropriate exercises, chiropractic care and pain relief solutions. Our recommendations specifically address the needs of the individual, so we pay attention to the underlying cause of your pain and then provide treatments that address your needs.

A car accident injury causes discomfort, pain and difficulty moving. Even injuries that seem minor, like a slight pain and tension in your neck or lower back, can worsen without appropriate treatment and care. To learn more about the ways we help with the recovery process after an accident or to set up an appointment with a Smyrna chiropractor, contact us today 770-432-1164.

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