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Whiplash Smyrna

Driver Suffering From Whiplash After Traffic CollisionFranks Chiropractic in Smyrna offers skilled, experienced care for auto accident victims. Our office is staffed by a stellar team of chiropractors with years of experience specifically focused on helping auto injury sufferers put pain in the rear view mirror. Franks Chiropractic’s staff is trained to handle any auto accident injury from whiplash to back pain, soft tissue damage, and spinal trauma. And, our team is trained to handle all accident paperwork from insurance forms to legal material.

Visiting our office immediately after an accident is key, as collision induced forces can cause soft-tissue injuries that may not even present symptoms until days or weeks after an accident has occurred. Emergency room doctors by necessity focus on life-threatening injuries, and often send patients suffering from whiplash home with a neck brace and common pain relievers – neither of which can alleviate long term accident damage. Addressing injuries through skillful realignments, our chiropractor can cure accident related damage before it becomes debilitating. Let our trained chiropractic team assess and address accident related injuries, and put you on the road to recovery quickly.

Auto Accident

car accident

From whiplash to back pain, headaches, shoulder and chest pain, to spinal compression, and even depression and anxiety, our skilled staff understand the unique pain and suffering auto accident victims can experience.

Neck Pain

Neck Pian

Franks Chiropractic of Smyrna provides skilled treatment for neck injuries due to auto accidents. The neck is the component of the spine that is most unprotected and thus enormously vulnerable to injury in car accidents.

Back Pain

Back Pian

At Franks Chiropractic in Smyrna, our team knows that back pain is a common auto accident symptom. Our chiropractic staff can provide experienced spinal adjustments and physiotherapy to assist in the healing of accident victims.

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